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Issouf Baadhio

General Counsel

Issouf Baadhio is one of Africa’s leading corporate attorneys. He was nominated to Bar in Burkina Faso in 1985 and to the Bar in Niger in 1990. He began his career as a Corporate and State Counsel in Africa, Europe and North America specializing in mining, oil, banking and telecommunication law.
Mr. Baadhio  has a long list leadership roles in African and International legal associations, including past president of the Burkina Faso Bar Association, Chairman of the Board of the CIFAF or International Training Centre for lawyers from French-speaking Africa, Founding Member and Vice-President of the West African Young Lawyers' Association and Member of the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) Executive Committee.  

Since 1998 Issouf Baadhio has been fully involved in UIA (International Association of Lawyers), and has held various positions: Member of the Governing Board, Counsellor to the President, Deputy to the Executive Committee, Co-Director of Regional and National Activities within the Executive Committee and National Representative for Burkina Faso. In November 2018 Issouf was elected to become a president of UIA, a global legal professional organization with members spread across 110 countries,  being the first Sub-Saharan African to hold this position.


Joost Terlage


Owner and Managing Director of Peree Bouwadvies

Peree Bouwadvies BV is an engineering office for building constructions. Since 1956, Peree Bouwadvies has been a reliable partner in the field of building construction, building technology, building physics, fire safety and building costs for project developers, architects, contractors and institutional investors. 

Peree Bouwadvies is has realized hundreds of projects mainly in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, focusing not on only on residential housing projects, but also car parkings, offices, industrial buildings, schools, healthcare and many more. 

One of the leading housing projects of 40,000 apartments have been realized in Angola in close cooperation with Aviram Rabinovich. Another large-scale residential projects are in Rwanda, where thousands homes and shops are being built. In addition to Africa, Peree is also active in the Caribbean, on Bonaire and Aruba work is being done on a holiday resort of 300 homes. 

Peree Bouwadvies also has been involved in engineering of  tens of thousands of houses built with AAC and other various building systems around Europe, with such highlights as European space center ESA Estec, IKEA projects, Wembley Stadium complex.


Ivar Paplavskis


Chairman and Owner of Bauroc AS and Jämerä Kivitalot Oy

Ivar Paplavskis is the second generation specializing in the production of AAC. Ivar Paplavskis' father, Jazeps Paplavskis, served as Research Director at the leading AAC research institute in the former Soviet Union in Silbet, Estonia. 

With this solid background, Ivar became a co-founder and managing director of Aeroc Group in the post-Soviet Union territories, while having established several manufacturing plants and developing new markets for the AAC industry. During the last few years after the Aeroc Group has been split, Ivar continues to manage and is the sole owner of Bauroc AS(former Aeroc). 

Today Bauroc AS is a leading manufacturer of AAC in Northern Europe with its modern factories. Bauroc manufactures AAC products for residential, commercial and industrial construction.

JÄMERÄ ( is an independent subsidiary of Bauroc, a company that has been operating since 1974 and offers a complete solution for AAC houses which comply with the requirements for low-energy houses; this solution includes architectural design as well as putting together a complete construction material kit for a weather-tight, heatproof shell and executing the shell to the extent agreed on with the client.

Jämerä is one of the oldest companies, that provide residential housing solutions in Finland and holds the leading position in the number of stone houses built in Finland. 

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Ira Green

VP, Director of Finance

To finance GG Energy’s projects, Ira has leveraged his keen knowledge of Project Finance and established long-term financing relationships with leading commercial and development finance institutions globally. 

Ira has a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and graduated with honors from Brandeis University.

Ira Green is strategic thinker with a proven track record in financing and corporate development in multiple industries. His expertise enables fast and effective navigation of complex financial transactions and markets for successfully funding of innovative businesses and projects in infrastructure, energy and housing. 

Ira has recently completed development and financing of a pipeline of renewable energy power projects in excess of 200MW valued at over $350mm with blue-chip companies in the Mining, Agricultural and Cement Industries in Africa.

Senior Real Estate Development executive, specialized in value engineering, development budget optimization, management and cost control, overall turn-key project management from design to execution in line with the project finance and production. 

He holds a master degree in Civil engineering from Ecole des Mines de Douai (France) reknown French Engineering School.

He has more than 20 years’ experience on various projects for global construction industry during an extensive field and management experience with Construction and Oil Majors in Europe (Vinci, Schlumberger, CFE) from Roads and Dams Infrastructure projects in West and Central Africa based in Paris, to drilling oil wells in the North Sea and Building commercial and health development projects in Bruxelles as a Project Manager.   


Patrick Sebatigita

Business Development Advisor

He returned to Africa for an entrepreneurship journey that led him to create various ventures and founded Ujenge Group, operating in East Africa and positioning its activities in Real Estate Development and private Turn Key projects by vertically integrated services from, building, supply chain and development.

Ujenge was awarded the Rwanda Development Board award for the Best SME in all sectors in 2010 and Best Real Estate SME in 2011. 

Patrick also co-founded Informatics. Africa, a Real Estate Market Information’s Digital Systems providing digital property valuation, real estate portals, engineering certification.

Patrick is a former member of the Young President Organisation and holds the Best YPO Social Event in 2014.

He is a member of Ingénieur et Scientifique de France.


Josef Weisemberg

Non-Executive Board Member

Civil Engineer M.Sc.; with worldwide experience in the field of Sustainable and Affordable Urban Development and Housing; managing design and execution of national projects; Middle East, Africa, Europe, South & Central America.

After years of research and personal involvement, Josef created and developed an holistic concept system and methodology properly minded to deal efficiently with the challenge; including the supply and affordability of key inputs to housing: land, finance and construction costs; systematically and simultaneously improved through the development and implementation of supportive institutional and regulatory frameworks, together with the development of urban design and construction systems.

It  is a sustainable comprehensive detailed concept, from A to Z, including the Urban and the Houses Design, adaptable to different sizes and communities characteristics: rural, semi urban or suburban settlements, considering gradual execution of the infrastructures and urban facilities, but assuring dignified living conditions at the time of habitation, and quick execution of affordable modular incremental / expandable dwelling units ready for habitation, in a land with the right of tenure securities granted.

Considering his professional "journeys" around the world, which include long-term residence and social integration with different populations and cultures throughout the globe, Josef Weisemberg has multidisciplinary knowledge and vision, combining rich multicultural experience, professional knowledge and extensive practice.

Aviram Rabinovich 

Being involved in the housing and construction industry around the world, including Middle East, Africa, Australia, Alaska; and exploring various construction technologies, like LGS, sandwich panels, wood, logs, ICF, reinforced concrete structure with integrated several types of blocks etc., for the past 20 years Aviram is focusing on AAC and its applications around the world.   

From commercial to residential, high rise to one floor and mobile units, luxury to extremely affordable homes,

Aviram is working with the leading companies in this field, including developers, manufacturers and construction companies.